Premium This feature is available within the following subscription tiers: APP Max and Procurement Pro.

The Export system in the Advanced Procurement Portal enables users to download data.

NOTICE There is a limit of 500 exports at a time and 3000 per month per organization. In order to reduce this size, you should use a search filter to narrow your results.

Export System

You can export from the following pages:

  • Vendor Management
  • Vendors
  • Contract Opportunities
  • Grant Opportunities
  • NSN Opportunities
  • Contract Awards
  • Federal Agents
  • Code Categories

Exporting Files

When you are on a specific page and have already implemented a search, the Export button will be available.

Click the down arrow on the Save Button.
A drop-down will appear with one of the options being Export. Click the Export button.
Your CSV file will be sent to your account email and can be found on the My Exports page.

NOTICE Exports links last for up to 48 hours.

My Exports

Found under Exports in the Discovery section, the My Exports page displays your organization's exports and tracks the remaining exports for the month. It provides detailed information on each export, enabling you to keep track of them efficiently.

  • Date Requested - The date the export was requested.
  • Scope - The section the export was requested from. This will come from the Discovery section.
  • Items exported - The number of items that were inside the CSV file.
  • Status - Whether the export was finished.
  • Download the CSV file.