Learning Center

The Learning Center is integrated with the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP), offering educational resources to support your contracting journey.


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  2. Navigating the Learning Center
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Located under the Knowledge section in APP, the Learning Center provides access to various courses aimed at enhancing your understanding of the platform and government contracting.

Level 1 Courses

These fundamental courses are included in all tiers of APP:

  • Introduction to the Learning Center - Covers the features and usage of the Learning Center.
  • APP Beginner's Guide - A brief course on navigating the portal.
  • APP Learning Videos - Short video clips demonstrating various features available in the Knowledge Base.

NOTICE You can access the APP Learning Videos within this knowledge base. They are conveniently grouped together on a dedicated page for easy reference, accessible via the APP Learning Videos page.

Level 2 Courses

  • SAM Information - Details the requirements and information needed for SAM registration.

Level 3 Courses

  • Capabilities Statement Course - Provides templates and guidance for creating a capabilities statement.
  • Key Personnel Resumes - Offers a template and guidance for crafting key personnel resumes.
  • Simple Solicitation Process - Guides through proposal writing and provides a bid template.
  • USFCR Templates - Access to templates provided for all USFCR clients.

Advanced Courses

Specialty courses that delve deeper into the contracting process, covering marketing, teaming, bidding, grants, and post-award procedures.

Upon entering the Learning Center, a welcome page greets you.

My Courses

Below the welcome section, the My Courses section displays courses you're enrolled in or offers the option to continue learning.

My Courses allows you to search through your current courses or Continue Learning.

LOOK If you have multiple courses, a Load more button may appear to reveal additional courses. 

NOTICE If you have not registered for any courses or do not have any within your course catalog, then No results will appear.

Expand Your Knowledge

Further down, the Enroll to Expand Your Knowledge section showcases available courses not yet enrolled in.

Click to enroll or visit the course page for details.

LOOK If you have multiple courses, a Load more button may appear to reveal additional courses.

NOTICE If no new courses are available, No results will appear.