When using the Advanced Procurement Portal, you will come across various system notifications. You can set how you would like to be alerted to these by updating your settings.

Notification Bell

The notification bell in the upper right houses your main search notifications. 

On the drop-down when in this area, you are offered various options based on the notifications you have:

  • Select All - This selects all the notifications
  • Remove All - This removes all the notifications.
  • Select Read - This selects all the read notifications
  • Select Unread - This selects all the unread notifications.

The buttons you are able to press in this area are:

  • Refresh - Refreshes your notification inbox.
  • Notification - Changes the view to show notification within the main inbox.
  • Trash - Changes the view to show the notifications within the trash.

The more option ellipses button (...) has several different options that you can also choose from:

  • Trash all - This will delete all the notifications within the inbox.
  • Mark all as read - This will mark all notifications as read within the inbox.
  • Delete - When you have chosen one or multiple notifications, this will appear. It will send notifications to the trash.