Add, Edit, or Delete Stages

Premium This feature is available within the following subscription tiers: APP Max and Procurement Pro.

You have the flexibility to adjust the number of stages within your pipeline. However, note that some default stages like Triage, Won, Lost and Abandoned cannot be altered or removed.

While inside the pipeline, click on the ellipses option button corresponding to the stage you wish to modify.

A drop-down menu will appear with several options.
Under Actions, you can select from the following to edit the stage:
Edit Stage – Modify the name and description of stages other than Triage, Won, Lost, or Abandoned.
Add Stage Before – Introduce a new stage before the selected one, titled New stage.
Add Stage After – Insert a new stage after the selected one, also labeled New stage.
Delete Stage – Confirm deletion of the currently selected stage, excluding Triage, Won, Lost, or Abandoned.