This section contains all the solicitations for which you have requested a quote, allowing you to proceed once you receive a response from the USFCR team.

NOTICE Currently, you will receive a call or email from a Registration and Contracting Specialist upon submitting a quote request.


  1. Requests Details
  2. Quote Response

Requests Details

When you request a quote in the system, your requests will appear on this page. Quotes can be created on specific opportunity pages from the Discovery section, with the Contract Opportunities section being the only section offering this feature.

Quotes will show up with the following information pulled from the solicitation:

  • Department, Federal Agency, and Office - These are the specifics of the federal end users and their groups that have created the notice.
  • Location - The location of the contract as listed on the notice.
  • Award Date - This will normally show as Not provided until an award is posted along with the notice type.
  • Posted Date and Due Date - These are the posted and due dates listed on the solicitation.
  • Solicitation ID - This is the solicitation number as listed on the notice.

In the upper left of your quote is the state the quote is in and which opportunity section you created this quote from.

Quote Response

When you have received a response to the request, the Pending button will change to Completed. A new button will also appear on the right of the request called See response >.

When you click See response > on a Quote that says Pending, a pop-up will appear called Quote Response.

If you would like to start and agree with the given price, you can select Continue to purchase.
You will be taken to the Checkout page to input your billing information. When you have finished, select Continue to payment.

You will be taken to the Checkout Information page to verify the information you input and input your Payment information. When you have finished select Complete order.
The page will begin loading, telling you that Your payment is being processed before taking you to the Requests page when completed. The previous Quote will now say Paid if everything goes through.