Quick Reference

The Advanced Procurement Portal has a number of different icons and buttons that may be different from what you normally see.

General Icons

Icon/Button Name Description

Open/Close Sidebar Use this icon to toggle the sidebar containing navigation icons.

Search Appears where you can search. It's only on searchable fields, indicating you can type in these fields.

Ellipses/More Options Appears when there are additional options. Clicking it opens a dropdown with more choices.

Drop-Down Opens a new field with additional options or pages.

Refresh Click to refresh the page and show any recent changes.

Back Takes you back to the previous page within APP.

Watch Bell Located on the Saved Searches page, it appears next to saved searches that are being monitored.

Download Use this button to download.

Discovery Specific Icons

Icon/Button Name Description

Filter Click to access search filters that you can apply to a specific search.

Quick View Provides a quick view of the item.

My or Favorites Filters the view to show only items you have starred within each specific section.

View All Defaults to show all available outcomes for a search in the Discovery section.