Government Files

Premium This feature is available within the following subscription tiers: Pro, SAP Advantage, APP Max, and Procurement Pro.

Under the Discovery tab in APP, you can find Government Files, which contains the latest documents from government sources.


  1. Searching Government Files
  2. Government Files View

Searching Government Files

You can filter your search for government files using the following options:

  • Federal Agency
  • Posted Date
  • Opportunities
  • Keywords

Each document listed will have options to View, Preview, or go to the posted opportunity:

  • View: Takes you to the specific file page.
  • Preview: Downloads the document.
  • Opportunity Name: Directs you to that opportunity’s specific page.

Government Files View

On the main Government Files page, you will see a brief overview of each document. To view more details, click on the document's name or the View button. This will take you to a page with detailed information about the document.

Each detailed page includes two tabs:

  1. Summary: Provides a general summary of the document, including important dates, categories, and related applicant types.
  2. View: Offers a quick preview of the document within your current browser, without needing to download it.

Within the Summary section, there are two buttons:

  • Download: Allows you to download the document.
  • Search: Returns you to the Government Files main search page.