Vendor Management

Premium This feature is available within the following subscription tiers: APP Max and Procurement Pro.

Vendor Management is where you can manage all of your existing and potential partners.


  1. Vendor Management Page
  2. Manage Vendors
    1. Add Vendors
    2. Import Vendors
    3. Export Vendors
  3. Filter Options

Vendor Management Page

If you have multiple companies that work underneath or for you in some capacity, this section is used to give your organization a general overview of what you have in terms of partners and where they stand for Federal Contracting.
The page shows whether the companies are Active, Expiring Soon, or whether they have Expired within the System for Award Management (SAM) system.
There is an overview of the Active Set-Asides that each vendor has, along with the total Set-Aside statistics that have been used.
The Vendor Statistic map also shows where each potential partner is located based on their SAM registrations.

Manage Vendors

When selecting View, Manage Vendors, or any of the states on the statistics map, you will be taken to the Manage Vendors screen.

This page has a more options ellipses button on the upper right and other options on how to filter the searches on the same page.
The more options ellipses allow you to addimport, or export vendors.

Add Vendors

This allows you to add one vendor at a time by entering their UEI number.
Select the more options ellipses button.

Select Add New Vendor.
Enter their UEI or CAGE code and select Check to verify the account.

If the vendor is found in the account, the screen will change to display the vendor’s information and allow you to Add to the list.
If the vendor is not found, the pop-up will change and ask if you want to Add Manually.

When you have clicked Add Manually, a new pop-up will appear. You can then input the vendor’s information where the only required information is the Vendor Name.

Select  Add to the list to finish adding the vendor.

Import Vendors

This allows you to import multiple vendors at a time by filling out and uploading a CSV document.

Select the more options ellipses button.

Select Import Vendors.
Select Get Template to download the CSV template.

Fill in the columns with the proper information.
  • Name – This is the only required field and is for the vendor’s name
  • CAGE - This is for the fie character CAGE or NCAGE code for the company.
  • UEI - The company's unique identifier given within SAM.
  • Business Start Date - This is the date the business started written as mmddyyyy. For example, October 19, 2020, will be written as " 10192020").
  • Expiration Date - The expiration date for the same, written as mmddyyyy.
  • Set asides - These are the set-aside codes separated by tilde (~). 
  • NAICS - These are the six-digit NAICS codes separated by a tilde (~). For example, codes 0101015 and 456522 will be written as " 0101015~456522".
  • Tags - These are tags you are setting to search each vendor by. Tags are separated by a tilde (~). 
Upload the CSV file by selecting Upload CSV File.
Select  Import vendors to finish importing the vendors.

Export Vendors

You can also select Export Vendors to have the entire table exported as a CSV file. It will contain all of the fields listed on the default Manage Vendors page.
Select the more options ellipses button.

Select Export Vendors.
The download process for the CSV document should start.

Filter Options

The general filter options that are included on the page are:

  • Active Vendors
  • Archived Vendors
  • Draft Vendors
  • Visible Columns
  • Filters
    • Expiration Status
      • All
      • Expired Soon
      • Expired
    • Set-Asides
    • NAICS Code
    • Locations
    • Tag