Searching 101

Mastering the functions and filters for efficient searching.


  1. Predefined Filters
  2. Save Button

The Advanced Procurement Portal offers both basic and advanced search capabilities, empowering users to pinpoint precise results effortlessly.

NOTICE For advanced users, APP supports boolean syntax searching akin to Google.

Predefined Filters

Most search pages feature a filter button adjacent to the search bar, offering various options to refine your searches.

NOTICE Filters are available across all search pages in the Discovery section.

LOOK Utilize specific filters tailored to each section for more targeted results.

Save Button

The Save Button serves multiple purposes during searches.

Upon initiating a search, the grayed-out save button transitions to green, allowing you to save your search with a single click.

NOTICE The Save Button is present on all search pages in the Discovery section.

The drop-down arrow beside it reveals three additional options:

  • Load - Opens a pop-up to load searches from your Saved Search list.
  • Export - Initiates the process of sending a CSV file to your email.
  • Share - Generates a pop-up with a shareable link.