Ez Search

The Ez Search is a toolbar located at the top of the Advanced Procurement Portal, designed to search across all main Discovery areas and provide a comprehensive overview.


  1. Using Ez Search
    1. Ez Search Sections

Using Ez Search

Located at the top of every page, the global Ez Search option allows for basic keyword searching or inline boolean syntax searches. When utilizing the Ez Search bar, you'll receive a summary of results from all data modules.

  • By selecting "View All" under a data module category (on the left), you can refine the search to focus on a single object.

LOOK  If you're searching for a specific opportunity type, it's advisable to search directly within that section instead of using the EZ Search. Each section offers more precise results.

The Ez Search searches the following Discovery pages for results:

NOTICE You can select one of the tabs to navigate directly to that section or scroll down to view each area and all available search options.

Ez Search Sections

You can review each tab to see the number of results matching your search displayed at the top and on the side next to their respective sections.

This will prompt a few notices, allowing you to quickly explore more or navigate to the main pages, or you can choose View All on the side to access the search page with the current search.