Simple vs Advanced Searching

The Advanced Procurement Portal's search functionality offers both simple keyword searching and advanced boolean search formulas. Similar to Google's search bar, you can refine search results directly within the query using advanced operators.

What to Know

Using text keywords or phrases in the search query can yield different results based on the search operator used.

Overall, APP's search uses an OR search, searching for each word separately and together. You can simulate an AND search using specific operators.

Search Operator Meaning Example


Include the word or phrase +construction engineering

All searches will include construction, but they do not have to include engineering


Exclude the word or phrase -construction engineering

All searches will include engineering, but they will not include construction

" "

Look up the exact word or phrase inside the quotation marks "architect-engineer"

This will look for the phrase or exact combination of the words " architect-engineer"


This is also known as a wildcard and can be used to search for any version of the word or phrase used. construct*

This will look for the word construct or variations of it like construction or even constructing.

NOTICE As we continually receive feedback from our users, we're committed to enhancing the search experience. While we work on adding new features to improve searching, feel free to utilize filters for more targeted searches in the meantime.