Organization Settings

Linking your company from SAM to your APP profile allows you to view specific stats about your company and opens opportunities for collaboration. Organizations can be set up to become Featured Vendors or to seek teaming opportunities.


  1. Register Your Organization
    1. Register Account
    2. Link Existing Account
  2. Teaming

Register Your Organization

Registering your organization enables company details to be relayed to your Case Manager or shown to others within the system who may want to contract with you.

To register your organization, you have two options:

Register Account

When you choose Register Account, you'll be directed to a form where you can input your company's details. This includes essential information like your UEI and CAGE code if your company is not yet active in the system.

The form is divided into three sections: General Information, Company Address, and Industry.

  • The General Information page contains basic information about your organization and its profit structure.
  • The Company Address page contains information about your organization's address.
  • The Industry page gathers other various company information that helps others determine whether they should work with your company or assists in getting your SAM account set up if you are working with USFCR.
    • NAICS and PSCs to help determine your industry.
    • Socio-Economic Categories to help determine your set-asides.
    • Corporate Structure to help determine what type of company you have.

Once your UEI and CAGE codes are active in, you can connect your APP account to your SAM profile. This allows you to view information about your company from SAM.

NOTICE Your SAM Registration is only available for profile linking if it's public and complete.

NotIce Your company will show as Unregistered until you complete this first step.

Access the Organization Settings page from the Account drop-down menu.
Select Link Existing Account under Register Your Organization or Organization Details.
Enter your UEI or CAGE code and select Check.

  • If your organization code is not found, Contact Support for assistance.
    • If your company is not found and your company was recently registered, you may need to allow up to 2 - 4 weeks for your company to appear on our platform.
  • If found, Register with the information shown or Contact Support for assistance.
Click Register.

LOOK After claiming your organization, Suggested Saved Searches will appear at the bottom of the Saved Searches page.


You can add teaming information to your organization, allowing others to find you for cooperative opportunities. Start by clicking the Add Teaming Information button.

The form is divided into three parts:

  • Company Information: Basic teaming qualities for others to search and find your organization.
  • Teaming Questions: Basic questions partners will want to know when seeking collaboration.
  • Key Personnel: Add up to three people and their resumes for others to see who is on your team or contact them if interested.