Premium This feature is available within the following subscription tiers: APP Max and Procurement Pro.

Tasks are where you can keep track of the assignments given within a pursuit.


  1. Tasks Section
  2. Pursuits Page

Tasks Section

All tasks can be filtered by whether they are Pending or Completed .

All tasks will show different pieces of information based on the time frame of when they are due.

Icons Description Type
Due over 14 days (default) Pending
Due in the next 7 days Pending
Due in the next 14 days Pending
The task is Overdue Pending
The task is Completed Completed

Each task in this section can also be marked with the checkbox on the right. When a box is checked, the more options ellipses button appears and allows you to mark a task as Complete, Incomplete, or Delete

LOOK You can also filter tasks to show only the tasks that are assigned to you by toggling Only my tasks on the right.

Pursuits Page

When viewing a Pursuit and navigating to the Tasks tab, you'll encounter various filter options. By default, the main drop-down filter is set to View All Tasks, but you can customize it to display All Tasks or Only My Tasks.

Each task listed here can be managed individually using the checkboxes on the right. Once selected, additional options become available through the ellipses button. From there, you can mark a task as Complete, Incomplete, or Delete it as needed.