Section Overview: Workplace


The Workplace serves as your central hub for organizing tasks and exploring potential opportunities.

Dashboard Upon logging in, you'll land on the Dashboard, offering an overview of your current pursuit status and recommended opportunities.
Calendar Access a calendar view of your tasks and upcoming deadlines to stay organized.
Pipelines Utilize Pipelines as a workflow tool, allowing your team members to manage the lifecycle of pursuits. Think of it as creating a flow chart outlining the stages of your project.
Tasks Create and assign tasks to organization members, and easily track pending and completed tasks.
Saved Searches View and manage all saved searches. Toggle searches on and off as needed, and delete outdated searches.
Teaming Submit teaming requests to connect with qualified vendors for collaborative opportunities.
Pursuits Track contract opportunities, grant opportunities, or awards that you're actively pursuing. Each pursuit offers a range of contract management functions.
Vendor Management Stay informed about the SAM status of your contractors and related vendors.
Exports Review your export history and monitor the number of exports you've made for the month.
Requests Manage the opportunities for which you've requested quotes or additional information.