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The Pursuits section houses all pursuits created by an organization. You can use the search bar to find a specific pursuit by name if you have multiple pages.


  1. Pursuits Page
  2. In a Pursuit
    1. Details
    2. Tasks
    3. Discussions
    4. Files
    5. Teaming

Pursuits Page

Each pursuit displays various information, from its position in the pipeline to the opportunity it represents.

  • Where the solicitation is in the pipeline
    • In the Pipeline, Abandoned, Won, or Lost.
  • Pursuit name –  The name of the opportunity.
  • Owner – Creator of the pursuit.
  • Updated – Last updated date of the pursuit.
  • Stage – Name of the stage within the pipeline.
  • Due Date – Deadline set for the pursuit.
  • Pipeline – Name of the pipeline where the pursuit is located.
  • Job Description – Description of the opportunity.

In a Pursuit

Each pursuit includes seven tabs for navigation to specific sections. At the top, you'll find the Pipeline name, Owner, last updated date, and pursuit name within each tab.


Provides basic information about the pursuit, including summary, description, pursuit details, updates, related opportunities, participants, categories, and likely bidders.

  • Summary - General information extracted from the opportunity.
  • Description - User-provided or opportunity-specific description.
  • Pursuit Details - Specific details pertaining to the pursuit.
  • Updates - Log of updates made by users, including related solicitations.

This section will also list the solicitation or related opportunities that come from the notice.

  • Opportunities - Display of connected opportunities, manually linked or provided by the opportunity.
  • Participants and Categories - List of related participants and categories, such as NAICS codes for contract opportunities.
  • Likely Bidders - List of companies anticipated to bid on the opportunity.


The tasks tab displays pursuit-specific tasks. You can view, sort, or Create a Task here. Tasks indicate whether they are overdue, completed, or pending.


Discussions enable users to initiate conversation topics related to the pursuit and receive responses. Users can create new discussions or contribute to existing ones, facilitating collaborative work and information sharing within the system.


The files tab comprises two sub-tabs: User Files, where users can upload documents relevant to the pursuit for others to view, and Government Files, which contain downloadable files associated with the notice.


This tab presents three sections: Internal Teaming, Public Teaming, and Team Members. Team Members include individuals affiliated with the pursuit within your organization.