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Pipelines allow you to design workflows for your pursuits and prospects.


  1. Pipeline Page
    1. In a Pipeline

Pipeline Page

Pipelines consist of stages containing pursuits.

On the pipeline page, you can search for pipelines by name or create a new one.

  • Owner – Creator of the pipeline.
  • Updated – Date of the last pipeline update.
  • Pursuits – Number of pursuits in the pipeline.
  • Description – Brief overview of the pipeline.
  • Tag – Optional identifier displayed above the pipeline name.
  • Name - Link to access the pipeline for details.

In a Pipeline

A pipeline includes four default stages:

  • Triage - Default holding stage for pursuits.
  • Won - Successfully bid opportunities.
  • Lost - Unsuccessful bid opportunities.
  • Abandoned - Opportunities not pursued.

NOTICE Customize and rename stages to match your workflow.

The Won, Lost, and Abandoned stages display a color-coded percentage based on the number of pursuits within them:

  • Won: Green
  • Lost: Red
  • Abandoned: Gray