Premium This feature is available within the following subscription tiers: Advantage, Pro, SAP Advantage, APP Max, and Procurement Pro.

The Calendar provides a visual representation of tasks and due dates within your organization.


  1. Overview
    1. Items
    2. People
  2. Sync My Calendar
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The calendar integrates with various aspects of the Advanced Procurement Portal, presenting them as Items.

  • Navigate easily: Use Today to jump to the current date. Adjacent to it, select the timeframe to switch between month, week, or day views.
  • View options: Choose between Month, Week, and Day views to customize your calendar display.
  • Mini calendar: Easily navigate between months and select specific days. A red circle denotes the selected day, while a lighter circle indicates today. Dots represent visible items.
  • Informational bar: Provides detailed information on selected days. If no items are scheduled, it displays No Items.


Items are options from the Workplace or Business section that you can elect to have shown on your calendar.

The current items and their dates that will show on the calendar are: 

When you select an item from the calendar, a pop-up will appear giving you more details on that item. This will normally be the Due date, the type of item, and a link to that item.


Users from your organization that are sharing their calendars with you will also show up underneath this area.

You can select each person to have their items shown on your calendar.

Sync My Calendar

Sync My Calendar is a forthcoming feature that will enable users to synchronize their Advanced Procurement Portal calendar with popular calendar systems such as Apple, Google, or Microsoft Calendar. Stay tuned for updates on its release and functionality.

Click the Sync my calendar button located at the top right corner.
A popup will appear with the options to sync with Apple, Google, or Microsoft. Choose the option that suits your requirements.

NOTICE The options to sync with Google and Microsoft are currently unavailable but will be available soon.

Follow the instructions on the following screen to sync your Advanced Procurement Portal (APP) calendar with your regular calendar.


You can share your calendar with others in your organization using the Share button. A pop-up allows you to search or enter a name to share your calendar. Manage shared access by viewing shared users and revoking access as needed.

When a calendar is shared with you, it appears under People by the user's name. Shared items are displayed in a distinct color, and you can toggle visibility on or off. To stop viewing a shared calendar, select the X next to the user's name.